MapDel4xMarshal Signal Generator (FULL VERSION)

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  • MapDel4xMarshal Signal Generator (FULL VERSION)

    MapDel4xMarshal v2 is a revolutionary 100% Automatic, Set and Forget Expert Advisor developed by Mapayi Bamidele Emmanuel a highly skilled, IT professional and a refined FOREX trader. MapDel4xMarshal v2 combines the proven profitability of its predecessor (MapDel4xMarshal V1.0) ,Eight (8)trend following full flexed systems and Five (5) Sub-EAs, all intended to solve traders problems. As an Expert Advisor, it makes decisions based on the most profitable trade setups using its built-in false signal filtering, Anti-Gap and Anti-Volatility Algorithms. Based on hundreds of days of market analysts' and IT specialists' work, previous coding, amazing back tests and forward tests, I say MapDel4xMarshal is the key to your financial independence.


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